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Au Train Township has a population of 1,148, with about 60% being year round residents. This estimate is based on the 2010 Census and Voter Registration files. It's estimated that about 50% of our population is over the age of 40, most of which choose this area for retirement. We have three distinct areas in our Township: The Village of Au Train, The Village of Christmas and the 16 Mile Lake Area.

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Au Train Township

The Au Train Township Board Meeting scheduled for Monday, November 9th will be going live on Facebook at 6:00 pm. Persons interested in participating in the Public Comment period should call in, when prompted to (906)202-0070, and they will be given the opportunity to address the Board.

Due to the current State of Michigan Health Department Order, the public is not able to physically attend the Township Board Meetings. We wanted to try this media and see how it works.

You can find the Live event on Facebook Here

You can obtain a copy of the Agenda and Board Minutes Here

If you have any questions, or require assistance to participate, please contact Mary Johnson, Au Train Township Clerk by email at: or by calling 906/361-2373.

Thank you for your patience as we look for the most effective ways to conduct business as a Township Board and allow participation from the public.

Forest Lake Reservoir -North Dam Information

Forest Lake Reservoir – Dam Modifications: On May 6, 2020 the township was notified by Renewable World Energies, LLC (RWE), acting as Agent on behalf of UP Hydro, LLC (licensee), of their plan to surrender their license to generate power at the Forest Lake Dam due to the cost of modifications needed to meet FERC’s requirements. (This letter was the only correspondence the township received from RWE to date.)

RWE is in the process of obtaining permits from MI EGLE to modify the North Dam (cement structure) and South Levee to meet Michigan’s requirements rather than removing the North Dam.

On June 2nd, RWE filed a proposal to modify FERC Project #10856 (Forest Lake Reservoir) to meet the State of Michigan’s spillway requirements in conjunction with a Notice of Intent to surrender the license. RWE was seeking authorization to perform dam safety upgrades at the North Dam beginning August 2020.

RWE has stated they do not propose to remove the dam as the North Dam provides flood control for the downstream village of Au Train. RWE intends to perform spillway capacity upgrades at the Dam to meet Michigan Dam Safety standards as well as remove all the power generating the equipment from the powerhouse.

RWE stated in a document filed with Ferc, the spillway modifications will allow the dam to pass a 200 year flood through the North Dam under Michigan’s Dam Safety Program. The spillway will be lowered by 5.5 feet, a section of the North Embankment will be lowered by 18 inches, and a section of the south levee will be modified to be no higher than 6 feet. The reservoir level will remain lowered permanently at a level that is consistent with the annual low water levels under the current license.

The State of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have been involved in this project. The US Fish & Wildlife Service also has been consulted. As this is a very complicated project, the Township has to rely on the expertise of all these agencies.

The Township has been waiting for a public comment period which has not yet occurred and to our knowledge no date has been set. But each and every resident of Alger County and beyond can send comments to FERC by visiting:

Here Use Docket P-10856

All comments will be filed in the docket and read by FERC who will respond to your comment. So if you have concerns, it is important that you take time to file an eComment now.

FERC reads each and every comment and will be filed in Docket P-10856 Correspondence from UP Hydro, LLC - Renewable World Energies regarding their plan for the Forest Lake Reservoir and North dam can be found Here

Assessor Contact Information

Cameron Fuess is our Township Assessor. You can reach him with any of your assessing questions. Phone (224)388-3003 Email:
Mailing Address: PO Box 33, Au Train MI 49806-0033

Zoning Questions??

Our Zoning Administrator is Jason McCarthy. Jason brings years of experience and is here to help you with any Zoning needs. Please contact him direct for questions regarding Zoning and/or the permit required to obtain a Building Permit. Zoning Compliance Applications must be submitted and approved before the County will issue you a building permit. Email: or call 906/399-1808.

You can find the Zoning Documents Here

Contact information for Board Members, Fire Department, Zoning and Assessing can be found:


Looking for specific information?

You can click on the Documents link on the left to download ordinances, obtain information about purchasing a cemetery plot, find an application to vote absentee for upcoming elections, obtain copies of Township Board Minutes (2014-Present), download a Zoning Compliance Application and the Zoning Ordinance and download Forms and Information (Public Summary) on the new FOIA law that went into effect July 1, 2015.

If you have any questions, please call the Township Office at (906)892-8265. Please leave a message. We do not have specific office hours.

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